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Local residents feel that there are clear issues with parking at school times, grass verge parking, broken streetlights and littering (caused by a lack of bins).

The biggest barrier to getting some of these issues resolved is our roads are not adopted.

Many of the roads in Hampton Vale are not yet adopted by Peterborough City Council and therefore the issues we face with parking, and littering are hard to tackle.

That is why the Liberal Democrats have launched a petition which calls on O & H Homes and Peterborough City Council to get our streets adopted as soon as possible.

We are sure you agree that it is increasingly frustrating hearing the same response every time we need something to be done to improve the local area. By supporting this petition, we put pressure on O & H Homes and Peterborough City Council to get the roads adopted so that issues we face day to day, can be tackled.

If you agree that we need to speed up the road adoption in Hampton Vale so that we can work on improving the local area, please show your support by signing the petition. 

I/we the undersigned call on O & H Homes and Peterborough City Council to work together to get our roads adopted by the local authority as soon as possible.

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